Highlighting our great teachers as we dive into a new school year

Teacher Appreciation at Primrose School of Five Forks
Teacher Appreciation at Primrose School of Five Forks

We are so proud of our teachers!  Their dedication and commitment to the education and care of young children is evident in all that they do.  See why as they share in their love of teaching at the Primrose School of Five Forks.

Mrs. Carr (Infant Classroom Lead Teacher) – Because we have a very resourceful and considerate management team that are committed to the teachers, students and parents of our school.

Mrs. Rahman (Infant Classroom Assistant Teacher) – Because I love the children and I feel very comfortable with our management team.

Mrs. Latif (Toddler Lead Teacher) – Because I love children.  They are innocent little people.  It makes me very happy to teach them.  The management is also very helpful.

Mrs. Lilani (Toddler Assistant Teacher) – I love teaching the children things that will develop their mind and allow them to grow.  It is always a pleasure to go to work because the children, parents and staff provide me with a new perspective on life.  I am blessed to be working at such and organized, educational school. 

Mrs. Atoche (Early Preschool 1 Lead Teacher) – I love the diversity the children bring to the classroom.  They each have unique personalities that make learning in our classroom exciting and fun.  The children make me laugh, make me feel loved and make me want to come to work every day to see their smiling faces. 

Ms. Benjamin (Early Preschool 1 Assistant Teacher) – The children give me so much joy and satisfaction.  I love their adorable smiles and the way they express themselves.  I adore their enthusiasm when they have finger painted or expressed themselves in their art.  It gives me so much pleasure and happiness to see their growth in learning.  My heart, love and devotion lies with my children.

Mrs. Chandra (Early Preschool 2 Lead Teacher) – I love teaching because the children make me laugh and feel alive with their silliness.  To see the results of my teaching in their faces and in their daily lives.

Mrs. Cooper (Early Preschool 2 Assistant Teacher) – I have the opportunity to watch the children grow and learn.  From them beginning to walk to potty training to writing and them coming back to read to their younger peers is amazing to me.  I like knowing that parents say that we as teachers have an important part in molding the students into who they become in the future.  I love the school, teachers, students and parents. 

Ms. Spickard (Early Preschool 2 Assistant Teacher) – I love working with the children of Primrose School of Five Forks because they children are so joyful and they brighten my day.

Ms. Powell (Preschool 1 Lead Teacher) – The students show such enthusiasm and excitement for learning!  They constantly ask questions about the world around them and strive for answers.  The students also always have something funny or encouraging to say.  Each child has a way of making me smile each and every day.  Their honesty and sincerity help me to reflect on myself to become a better person.

Ms. Carroll (Preschool 1 Assistant Teacher) – I love working with the children here because I love watching them grown and learn new things in the classroom.

Mrs. Surma (Preschool 2 Lead Teacher) – I love to work with the children because I love seeing how each child learns more each and every day in their own way.  It is very satisfying to know that I helped each children develop academically.  I love coming to work each day because of the loving atmosphere.  None of this would be possible without the fantastic management team.  Not only do they care about each and every teacher, but they are very supportive. 

Mrs. Dunn (Preschool 2 Assistant Teacher) – I enjoy seeing the children learn each and every day.  I love to see the children’s smiling faces and making a difference in their lives. 

Ms. Johnston (Preschool 2 Assistant Teacher) – I love working with the children because they each bring their imaginations and personalities to the classroom every day.  It’s so much fun to watch them grow and interact with each other and see their precious smiles.

Mrs. Drummond (Private Pre-Kindergarten 1 Lead Teacher) – I love working with the children at Primrose School of Five Forks because of the warm and friendly environment.  My love for the children is endless.  Primrose School of Five Forks is more like a family rather than a school.

Mrs. Powers (Private Pre-Kindergarten 1 Assistant Teacher) – Children represent all that is joyous and pure in our world.  Primrose School of Five Forks provides everything necessary to meet their needs, which is very satisfying as we watch them grow and learn.  I love helping make this happen.

Mrs. Taylor (Private Pre-Kindergarten 2 Lead Teacher) – I love seeing the children every day.  They come to school with smiles on their faces and even if they are not happy, they soon begin to enjoy themselves.  I also enjoy teaching the children new things and seeing the excitement in their eyes when they get it.

Mrs. Kase (Private Kindergarten Lead Teacher) – I love the energizing, lively curriculum and engaging themes.  It makes teaching fun and interesting and makes learning fun and interesting.  I love the sense of community and family that is felt among our families and staff.  At Primrose School of Five Forks, we focus on developing the whole child and encourage and celebrate cultural and individual diversity.  I love that I’ve made so many special friends among the staff, my children and my families.  I love my job!

Mrs. Poole (Explorers Lead Teacher) – I love watching children learn and grow as they make connections and explore the world around them.  They keep me laughing and make the days joyful.

Mrs. Milotte (Explorers Lead Teacher) – I love working with an age group that allows me to watch them grow for a few years at a time.  They remind me how to play and have fun.  Growing, developing, learning and playing together is why Primrose School of Five Forks is where I choose to teach.

Ms. VanEmburgh (Afternoon Explorers Assistant Teacher) – I love to teach at Primrose School of Five Forks because each day is unpredictable.  The children make each day interesting and inspiring.  When you work with children it makes you learn to value the small things. 

Ms. Chester (Afternoon Explorers Assistant Teacher) – I love working with the children at Primrose School of Five Forks because I get to experience the children learning and growing from room to room as they transitions through the school.  I also love having the special moments and bonding with the children.

Mr. Johnson (Afternoon Explorers Assistant Teacher) – I love working with the children at Primrose School of Five Forks because they are fun!  Working with such unconditional people is pretty cool, too!

Ms. Johnson (Afternoon Explorers Assistant Teacher) – I really enjoy working with children.  It is rewarding in more ways than one.  It gives me a chance to be a part of their everyday lives and help teach them valuable life skills.  Not only do I get to help teach them, but I feel as though I have learned just as much from all of them.  Each day is a new adventure and it brings me so much joy to walk in and get hugs from everyone.  Each child here has made an impact on my life and I love being a part of this team.

Ms. Krantic (Cook) – I love working with the children at Primrose School of Five Forks because it never has seemed like a job to me because I have so much fun.  I love everything about working with the children – seeing my little people bring great joy to me!

Ms. Braun (Bus Driver) – I enjoy opening the building and being the first one to great the children in the morning.  In return, I really enjoy my role of greeting the children when they get on the bus after school and discussing their day. 

To learn more about the great teachers at Primrose School of Five Forks, visit us for a tour at 3030 River Drive in Lawrenceville, www.PrimroseFiveForks.com or call 770.985.0028.


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