Meet our Family of the Month; A Trusted Partnership with Parents

The Persaud family - Family of the Month (May)
The Persaud family - Family of the Month (May)

Primrose School of Five Forks selects the Persaud family as the Family of the Month for May!

Andrew and Tanya are the proud parents of Amalia and Alana.  Amalia is a student in our Preschool 2 class and Alana is a student in our Toddler class.  The Persaud’s also have 2 bunnies -  Mrs. White and Mr. Franklin.  

As a family, the Persaud’s love to dance.  Both Andrew and Tanya were in cultural dance academies during their school days.  Andrew was in Caribbean dance which included soca, tasa and reggae.  Tanya was in Latin dance which included salsa, managua and tango.  They all enjoy music very much.  

During both pregnancies with the girls when mommy would listen to music, both girls would dance in mommy’s belly!  Daddy enjoyed feeling the girl’s rhythm in their motions.  It was an amazing feeling of connection and togetherness.  Rhythm is in their blood!  

Amalia is currently enrolled in Indian dance at the Kruti Dance Academy.  This includes Bollywood and Bharatanatyam.  Her first performance is May 25th at the Cobb Energy Center.  Her parents are very proud and excited for all her achievements.  She doesn’t stop there; she is also enrolled in Creative Movement and Dance at Primrose.  Her tap and ballet recital is on May 14th.  Alana isn’t far behind her sister.  Although she is still too young to enroll, she has the opportunity to sit in on Amalia’s classes.  She enjoys the music and observes the dance techniques.  When her time comes, she’ll be ready!
The Persaud family shares their Primrose experience:
When Andrew and Tanya were asked why they chose Primrose School of Five Forks for their daughters, they replied, “Since enrolling both girls at Primrose we’ve seen a positive change in the girls.  They make note of the things around them and use what they’ve learned from school.  Right now, Amalia is learning her numbers and addition.  When with mommy grocery shopping, she’s using her numbers and addition methods.  Buy one; get one free 1+1=2, which means more for her!  As for Alana, she is learning to match things.  Her dad is a mechanic and has a lot of parts with different colors.  When dad says, “Let’s clean up!”, she’ll match the colors for him.  She’s a big helper!  We attribute Primrose for their eagerness to learn and awareness to use what they learn outside the classroom.”  

Congratulations to the Persaud Family!

To learn more about our Trusted Partnership with Parents, stop by our school campus for a tour at 3030 River Drive in Lawrenceville, click here or call 770.985.0028.  

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