Parent Choice in Education

Did you realize that the Georgia Dept of Ed. has implemented a new policy beginning in August that states that public schools will no longer accept credits from home school entities or non-traditional education centers?  This is unconstitutional and takes away PARENT CHOICE.  As the owner of a non-traditional educational center, we are fighting this discrimination.  WE have petitions at our location or I can send you a paper petition (nancyg@tntacademy.com) for you to get your friends, associates and mainly Parents to sign against this new policy.  You can also go on line to change.org and put in Georgia Accrediting Commission and the petition will pop up for you to sign.  WE already have over 1300 names just from summer school alone.  We have legal representation and will continue the effort that Gwinnett has forced the GA Dept of Ed to put in place.
This will force public school parents(Gwinnett ) to only use their public school to make up credits for credit recovery or use the Give Center if their child is paneled and expelled from school.  The whole policy is forcing you (the parent) to use only public schools.  This is YOUR CHOICE- PARENT CHOICE- not a government choice of what to do with your child.
RL June 24, 2013 at 08:35 AM
Government hates competition
Amy Williams Bolick June 24, 2013 at 07:38 PM
Where did you get this information? I can't find any links on any websites that states this policy (including GHEA and HSLDA). Can you provide a link or other information that gives the details from the GA DOE?
Nancy Gordeuk June 24, 2013 at 08:16 PM
go to GA DOE- Parents, homeschool, go to the end of the page where it says acceptance by Public schools of transfer credit. To find its introduction, you have to go back through the Committee and School Board Meetings (Initiated on Feb 20 and then 45 days later on April 4, adopted with public hearing being the same day. Talk about sneaky. That is why we have petitions going, etc. - it is taking away PARENT Choice.


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