Eviction Halted, Fundraiser Scheduled for Parkwood Farms

With an official halt on the eviction process, the farm now has to raise a very large sum of money.

Dr. Marilyn Peterson will not be evicted from her farm - at least, not until February 2013.

The request for an emergency temporary halt on her eviction was granted last week by Gwinnett Superior Court, and she is in negotiations with her mortgage company to find a way to permanently keep her home. 

Currently, the bank is asking for between $150,000 to $175,000 cash. That's a pretty tall order. 

Despite that, the farm is operating as usual and is accepting new riders and volunteers. They have already overcome the biggest hurdle, and that was getting a meeting with the bank, according to Peterson. 

Peterson has been fighting the banks for over two years now. She said that she received a predatory loan in 2004, and when she refinanced it in 2011, she was told that the terms would be good for "the life of the loan."

She did not know that the life of the loan was only good for two years, when her payment amount skyrocketed. 

The therapy center for children with disabilities has helped hundreds of people over the past decade. Inspired by her own adopted children, who are autistic, she has helped children with disabilities thrive under her direction. 

Renn McClintic-Doyle's son, who is severely autistic has changed dramatically during his time at Parkwood. McClintin-Doyle, who serves on the Board of Directors for Parkwood Farms, said that she has "seen amazing changes in his life, and a big part of that is learning to bond and relate to the animals and the volunteers who work with him every day."

Her son was previously very aggressive; he was turned down by seven different special needs camps due the severity of his autism, seizure disorders and the fact that he's nonverbal. 

"This program fills a need that other places in the community won’t meet," said McClintic-Doyle. 

He can't bathe himself, but he is able to bathe and care for a horse. 

Although the task of coming up with amount of money necessary to keep the farm is daunting, she feels confident that it can be done. 

"With God, all things are possible," she told Snellville Patch. "We've gotten this far. And people thought that was impossible."

One donor has already pledged $50,000, according to Peterson. 

So on Jan. 5, 2013, a large fundraiser is scheduled to take place at the farm. Anyone with ideas on how to generate the funds is invited to offer suggestions, or, of course, donations. You can reach Peterson at parkwoodhorses@gmail.com, on Facebook or by phone at (404) 642-6869. 

You can also text "horses" to 28594 and donate $5 or more. 

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