SafetySmart Lilburn Gains New Board Members

The organization elected three new members to the board of directors.

SafetySmart Lilburn is pleased to announce election of three new members to their board of directors at the February, 2013 meeting.  Scott Kimball, Vanessa Gonzalez and Carol Watson bring strong skills to the board.

Vanessa Gonzalez joins the board as a Junior member with full voting rights. A middle schooler at Radloff Middle School, she has served as Spanish translator in several situations and is working to rebuild the neighborhood watch in her subdivision. Over the past year, she helped in planning National Night Out activities for youth and helped with a rabies clinic last September.

Scott Kimball has been working on the SafetySmart Lilburn website since last September. His initial introduction to the organizationwas through a booth he hosted at National Night Out in 2011. He returned for National Night Out in 2012. At that time, he expressed interest in being more closely involved with SSL and revealed that he has built his own website. He served in the Navy for 20 years, 16 years as a journalist, and covered all areas in the rating – print, broadcast, public relations and media relations. He served two tours as an editor for a command newspaper in Morocco and Australia. Scott is owner of Aegis Technology, a security company in the Lilburn area.

Carol Watson has organized Lilburn Daze for the past eleven years, and she has been a member of the Lilburn Women's Club for 15 years. She has represented the Lilburn Police Department and city employees on the Merit Board for the last four years. A longtime resident of Lilburn, Carol knows the community well and has strong organizational skills. In August of last year, she expressed interest in being involved with SafetySmart Lilburn, having helped in planning last year's National Night Out. She will serve on the executive committee organizing National Night Out.

The growth of the board provides promise of continued success of SafetySmart in promoting safety awareness in the greater Lilburn area, encouraging positive relationships with area police, fostering communication and providing updates and alerts to neighborhoods, and facilitating the formation of neighborhood watches. 

For additional information, visit the website at www.safetysmartlilburn.org.


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