Volunteer at the Hebron Holiday Help Center

Hebron's Holiday Help Center is gearing up to serve those in our community who need holiday assistance.

The Holiday Help Center, a ministry of , is in need of volunteers willing to donate their time to help others in the upcoming days and weeks prior to Christmas.

According to Pastor Duke Forster of Hebron Baptist Church, this ministry has been helping the Dacula community for the past 20 years. The ministry of the Help Center has evolved from the original Christmas Wish Fund at the church. The Holiday Help Center works with more than 20 local schools to provide Christmas gifts for students based on school counselor recommendations. The ministry is an active link between Hebron Church, Dacula area schools and the community as a whole. In the past, this ministry has helped to provide presents for thousands of families needing assistance during the holidays.

The Help Center is located just a short drive from the church and volunteers are needed the week of Dec. 12 through Dec. 15 to help with packing and sorting of donated items. Community members interested in volunteering to help during this week may call 404-536-8088 or email hhc@hebronchurch.org  for specific information.

Additionally sponsors are currently needed for families and children as well. If you can help by purchasing gifts for a needy family this Christmas please email hhc@hebronchurch.org or call 404-536-8088. Currently the greatest need is for sponsorships for high school boys, however there are children of all ages who need sponsorship at this time.

The community can learn more about becoming involved with the Hebron Holiday Help Center online.


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