Georgia Red Clay Band Has Roots in Lilburn, Plays in Snellville Nov. 23

Newly formed Gwinnett band is fast becoming known on the local music scene.

The band Georgia Red Clay -- whose band members hail from Lilburn, Lawrenceville, Buford and Winder -- will play at Snellville's Wild Wing Cafe on Nov. 23.

The band recently rocked Loganville from the band room at Atmosphere on Saturday night. The newly formed band has been making waves on the local scene since it formation back in February of this year under the name Red Clay.

“We’re now Georgia Red Clay - GRC,” said lead singer Brian Warner. “We in the process of re-branding.”

Warner, 24, is joined by his younger brother, Eric, 18, on lead guitar, Austin Patton on bass guitar and backup vocals and Rick Gilbert on drums. Sometimes performing on his own, Warner brings his own sound to the blend of Southern Rock and Modern Country that is GRC.

The band members are all from around the local area, with Warner calling Lilburn home and the others hailing from Lawrenceville, Buford and Winder. They write and perform some of their own music as well as the usual favorites that get a crowd rocking. Saturday was the first time GRC has performed at Atmosphere, but judging by the reception it’s likely they will be back again soon.

According to the band’s Reverbnation website, they offer a “unique sound and style,” performing some originals as well as adding a unique twist to some favorite cover tunes.

So how did they get started? Well for Warner it was that age-old story – a woman.

“I had just come out of a really bad break up and was moping around,”Warner said, adding his part in the formation of the band was their wish to stop him from that "moping around." They figured they would give him something to take his mind off things, Warner said. And the rest, as they say, is history.

“I hadn’t performed in front of an audience before – ever,” Warner said – no singing in the church choir, no high school “Glee”-like performances – nothing, except the shower. “Of course, in the shower I performed to sell-out crowds.”

But things have quickly changed. His music career is now taking off and although he still holds down a full time job in Lawrenceville, the music scene is fast becoming Warner's first love.

If you want to hear GRC perform live, you don’t have long to wait. Although they will be performing in Atlanta on Nov. 20, GRC will be back performing locally at Wild Wing Café in Snellville on Nov. 23.

You can also hear their first CD, “Nothing But Road,” on the Reverbnation website. Listen closely, you might be able to tap into Warner’s story somewhere between the lines.

Hey, Taylor Swift’s not the only who can draw inspiration from a break up!


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