If I were Lucifer, having the ability to assume any visage, I would come among you disguised as a friend. I would have unlimited powers and would immediately sow seeds of discontent, racism, gluttony, hatred and immorality. Over a period of time I would transform industrious people into a society of indolent individuals who would prey on those who didn't accede to my will.

I would cause dissension in the family and avarice in the workplace. I would arrange corruption in government and spread fear in the neighborhoods.

Many of you with consciences would become devoid of soul. Most of you would succumb to the ravages of prurient temptations and become a nation of revelers and debauchees, revilers of good, proponents of evil.

Win or lose, I would incite riots after sporting events by burning and trashing the downtown areas of cities. After devastating natural disasters i would traumatize the victims even more by stealing their possessions while they were hospitalized or otherwise rendered vulnerable.

I would infiltrate the highest offices in your country and ply officals with cash and sex, then steal top secret information about your military planning which I would sell to your enemies.

I would staff inner city schools with incompetent educators making the studies so boring that the drop out rate would skyrocket. I would begin teaching elementary school children about the joys of sex and distribute condoms to them without parental permission or awareness so that  children can engage in sexual activity long before they are mentally and emotionally prepared.

I would turn your television programming into a sewer for the promotion of evil with charlatans using devious techniques to destroy the purity of your culture. I would accomplish my purposes with irresistible enticements: rape, incest, sodomy, bestiality, child molestation, alcoholism and drug addiction.

I would market Rohypnol and other date rape drugs to be able to disseminate syphilis and AIDS throughout society with no regard for the emotional or mental trauma suffered by the victims.

I would get millions of teenagers hooked on lethal substances so they could race on highways and around curves in the dark of the night, killing themselves, their passengers and other drivers.

I would encourage parents to use television as the babysitter so children would develop as mindless automatons, subliminally manipulated toward the certainty of failure.

As a faceless opportunist on the internet I would tempt everyone to click on my website so that I would be able to enter their computers and utilize their good name for personal gain, even to the ruination of their economic future.

I would ban prayer from public schools and would severely punish administrators who failed to enforce my edict. I would demand that teachers alter failing grades so students would become infuriated when entering the job market. For those unemployable I would teach vandalism, graffiti., mailbox destruction and cemetery despoliation. I would teach them carjacking, mugging, home invasion, bank robbing, and the advantages of gang affiliation.

I would delete American history from schoolbooks and libraries and replace those facts with fallacy.

I would encourage newly married couples to immediately start ogling the opposite sex so that the marriage is no longer a haven from stress or for the perpetuation of the species.

I would become a pornographer and feature graphic pictures of naked men and women to cause a plunge in social morality and an increase in attacks on women.

I would tell you anything you wanted to hear in order to be elected to Congress so I could become wealthy by associating with those who pay for votes defined as political donations.

As a citizen I would inspire my associates to protest insisting on unaffordable entitlements that would lead to the ultimate insolvency of the system.

I would teach you and your children to be prolific shoplifters to deprive industrious people of the profit necessary to remain in business.

I would advocate having parties with excessive consumption of intoxicants 24/7 so that rape, infidelity and crime would continue to spiral upward with social accord disintegrating.

I would swindle senior citizens.

I would mangle your brain cells by promoting unending sporting events, while my cadre of supplicants defiled your culture.

I would demand the confiscating of firearms from the hands of hunters and sport minded people, imposing my personal agenda of mandates on society.

I would inveigle way into credit card companies and provide millions of solicitations for you to have a prestigious credit card providing a low enough introductory rate to entice you into buying things you don't need and can't afford. Then I would hit you with fees that could bankrupt you. You would be paying enormous penalties and confiscatory interest rates for years.

I would mess with your morality until you sought to touch the intimate parts of children and then I would bring this decadent society to it's knees.

There are many ways I would harm you, but, you should realize that I, Lucifer, am already here, arraigning ignoble ways to assure finality for a nation struggling in a quagmire of superficiality. Sioux2222@gmail.com

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Bill York May 05, 2012 at 08:44 PM
Reality is that which I experience too frequently
Robert Thomas. Sr. May 06, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Bill, you may or may not recall me from a mild debate at the now closed Ace Hardware. Perhaps a fitting coda to your comments is this quotation from C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters" where the uncle teacher devil Screwtape says to his nephew apprentice devil Wormwood - "We will have succeeded when they no longer believe we exist."


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