Ominous trends

Without substantial change in our criminal justice system we have the same chance of survival as the Roman Empire

I listened to a disturbing conversation between a father and his rebellious son.

Worried father. "Son. if you keep that up you'll be back in jail."

Hostile son, with a smirk. "That's not so bad, three squares a day and I don't have to work."

And there-in exists a serious problem in America, and it is building steadily.

I recall when men walked a straight line to avoid the chain gang.

I remember when fear of the vigilantes kept the peace.

In the 20's we had vigilantes. Rapists were punished without anesthesia. Wife abusers were abused. Murderers ended up buried in several feet of mud at the bottom of one of hundreds of abandoned strip mine pits. Retribution was quick, and because of the certainty seldom was there violent crime. 

It seems that Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of the few lawmen with ideas on how to break the cycle of lawlessness; don't provide recreational equipment for prisoners, don't provide the comforts of home to those who violate the law. 

Occasionally, television will do a program on prisons showing an exercise room, a library, a basketball court, computers and television. For somebody lazy, like the son, jail is preferable to working for a living.

I feel sympathy for this particular father because he is a hard-working parent with hope for the future of his children.

The criminal justice system needs a brain transplant. The variety of sentences we see across the country boggles my senses; eight life terms plus thirty years?????, Twenty-eight life sentences and ninety-nine years plus a sentence of death, 7109 years and myriad other bewildering sentences. Then the opposite idiocy where the father killed his wife and kids. The jury was swayed by a syrup-tongue attorney that he killed his family because his mother had abused him when he was a child. There seems to be no reason to the confusing sentences handed out for the same offense.

In responding to a house fire in New York State four firemen were recently shot with two killed and two seriously injured. Authorities believe the fire was set as a trap by William Spengler who was released from prison after serving 17 years for bludgeoning his grandmother to death. Spengler's sister was found dead in the incinerated house. It's thought that he had shot her before setting the home on fire. Why was the maniac released from prison? The system is obviously flawed. The fact that Spengler shot himself is no consolation to others.

Liberals in the criminal justice system should be replaced by realists who sentence criminals for the severity of their crimes with no delay in carrying out the penalty.

The killer of a judge, a court recorder, and two others, remains alive years later while his victims have already decomposed and taxpayers are stuck with paying for his room and board plus his lawyer fees. With appeals, the shooter could still be alive twenty years from now while the families and friends of his victims have only memories of murdered loved ones.

Family and friends continue suffering their loss while the system permits the killer to continue living. He chose his path in life and others should not be compelled to know he's alive because of the criminal justice system crumbling from liberalism.

There are apparently few guidelines as to sentencing, depending on the mood of the judges, specific state or the intellectual and emotional make up of the juries. And sentences vary as widely as boulders in the Colorado river.

To lower the crime rate authorities need to apply the philosophy of an eye for an eye. To reduce it even further a philosophy of two eyes for an eye needs instant application




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