Blue Rooster Location Back on Market

The property formerly known as the Blue Rooster is currently available for purchase.

If you haven't noticed, the Old Town Lilburn location that once housed the Blue Rooster Cafe is back on the market.

So far, there have been plenty of inquiries, but no firm offers, according to the realtor in charge of its listing.

"We've had a lot of people interested in the property," said Sam Hale of the Hale Retail Group, "Many of them have expressed that before The Blue Rooster closed it was very lively. Most of the people that I've spoken with were interested in reviving that same feeling."

Since the popular , residents of Lilburn have mourned its loss. As a popular gathering space for local events, the Blue Rooster had become a central hub for activity in Old Town. Now after six months, foreclosure and bank purchase, it's looking for owners.

"The bank is more interested in people who want to buy the property rather than lease," said Hale.

Two of the more serious offers Hale has received were from people who were interested in re-opening the space as a restaurant to continue the customer base of the Blue Rooster. While interest may be booming, the economy is not and many who have inquired have been unable to make a reasonable offer for the space.

"The economy isn't great right now and so far we've gotten very low offers," said Hale. "We're optimistic that the right one will come because Old Town needs a space like that to come back."

Barbara Barth July 27, 2011 at 12:49 PM
Great article Candace! I am happy to see in print that the Blue Rooster is up for sale. So many people ask that question and now you and Patch have given the answer.For those looking at the property for a restaurant or events center with catering the food in (hint,hint) there are great ways to make the Blue Rooster a focal spot again in Old Town for people to come visit and shop. Take a look at all the new businesses that are opening up on Main Street and the folks who have been in business for years. This is lots happening in Old Town and more coming. Whoever revitalizes the Blue Rooster will be doing a great service to all. And get ready, you will have customers flocking in! Thanks again for passing this information to the public and now, someone, step up to the plate!! (no pun intended!)


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