Business Spotlight: International Farmers Market

Regularly, we feature a business from our hometown of Lilburn. This week, learn more about the Lilburn International Farmers Market.

Tiger Kim is the general manager at the Lilburn International Farmers Market, also known as Nam Dae Mun. The market, which stocks thousands of fresh, local, international and hard to find items has been open for the past six years. Kim, who recently moved up from his position as the grocery manager, took a few minutes to talk about the business.

Patch: What is the best aspect of managing the Lilburn International Farmers Market?

Tiger: The customers. We treat our customers like kings and queens. They are very important to us. Our employees are very kind and we train them to be so. And our prices are very low so our customers keep coming back.

Patch: What is the most challenging aspect of managing a farmers market?

Tiger: Our competition. We stock many items on our shelves that you could find at a regular grocery and a lot of international items as well. A regular grocery has more mainstream items. People come to us for hard to find items or international items that you cannot find at one of these regular grocery (stores).

Patch: What makes the Lilburn International Farmers Market unique?

Tiger: The name of our market says it all. We are international. We have very special items here. We also go directly to the farms to make the deals on our produce and other items.

Patch: What makes the Lilburn community special?

Tiger: Our customers are our neighbors. We see them every day, every week or every month and they are special just like Lilburn.

Located at 4805 Lawrenceville Hwy., the Lilburn International Farmers Market is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.


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