Demolition for Greer's to Start Monday

The 87 S. Peachtree St. storefront will be torn down next week.

The demolishing of Greer's will start Monday, March 26, according to a memorandum by the city.

The memorandum, which was written by City Planner Chris McCrary and addressed to the merchants of historic downtown, says that the demolition on the 87 S. Peachtree St. storefront should last no later than Thursday, March 29.

Five parking spaces in front of the building will be barricaded off for public safety and for a dumpster, according to Norcross Welcome Center and Downtown Manager Cate Kitchen.

Minimal dust is also to be expected during the demolition days, added Kitchen.

The storefront, which is adjacent to in historic downtown, has been an eyesore for awhile. According to the memorandum, the city hired an independent structural engineer for a status inspection months ago, and it was determined that the building was a safety hazard because of its dilapidation.

McCrary explained at that Greer's had been rotting from water and rain infiltration. It's unlikely that the storefront holds much historical significance, he added, not to mention that it would take too much effort to try to preserve the facade.

The owner, David Greer, said during the meeting that he wants to start constructing a new building as soon as possible. McCrary also discussed that they would be working on a plan to match the 1920s style of historic downtown.

Chuck Cimarik March 21, 2012 at 05:21 PM
Just a clarification - the building is owned by the Greer's and is the one between Dominick's and the old Greer Ivey Hardware store
Neva Spell March 21, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Bless the Greer Hardware Store and here's why: 1. Bud Greer's store was here for years. 2. It was a stable, cornerstone store. 3. People loved to go there, hang out and talk to Roy one of the men that worked there for years. 4. The Greer family has been in Norcross since almost the beginning of Norcross. 5. The Greer Hardware Store was an 'old-style' hardware store. 6. It was an American business. 7. Mr. Greer closed the Hardware Store almost 10 years ago, emptied it out, didn't even sell it to another buyer, and started renting it. 8. The point is this: our community is a delicate, and I mean delicate, area for business, still wants to hold on to the same 'flavor' and have tons, and I mean tons, of family events. 9. How can we balance all of that and keep this city in tact and even encourage that same American entrepreneurial spirit to stay here and what can we do to actually encourage that? What say you city of Norcross?


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