New Gun Range to Open Soon

Mainstreet Guns & Range is expected to open in the next several weeks. Patch caught up with owner Jim Hornsby to see why he's starting the new venture.

Lilburn soon will be home to Mainstreet Guns & Range, located near the corner of U.S. Highway 29 and Killian Hill Road.

There's been a few snags getting set up, but the main retail room will soon have merchandise and the two gun ranges are nearing completion.

Owner Jim Hornsby, the kind of man who insists his children learn to shoot -- and shoot well, is hopeful that the doors will be open in about three weeks. 

Check out our Patch Q&A with Hornsby to learn more about why he chose Lilburn and what he thinks of the current gun market.

Question and Answer:

Patch: What made you select Lilburn for the place for your new firearms store?

Hornsby: Genny and I moved to Lilburn from Stone Mountain in 1991 with the birth of our daughter Mary Elizabeth for the great school programs Gwinnett offered.  We wanted our business to be close to home.

Patch: Why do you think the business will be successful here?

Hornsby: We looked long and hard to find a place inside the city limits.  The Lilburn Police have been outstanding the first ten years we have been here.  The comfort they provide can't be beat.  There were better locations outside of the city  but Lilburn was going to be home to Mainstreet Guns & Range.

Patch: Why did you get involved in the firearms business?

Hornsby: Having retired in 2001, I wanted to spend time with my passion, firearms.  We stated in a small location on Arcado Road and grew to be the largest Gunshow dealer in Georgia and one of the largest in the nation.

Patch: What is your perspective of the current market for firearms? 

Hornsby: Demand is up nationwide. We are not seeing the same size spike that other parts of the country are seeing but many in the south prepared much early and bought in the past four years.

Patch: What is the No. 1 thing that people need to know, or think about, before buying a gun?

Hornsby: Put what you see on television out of your mind.  A firearm should be selected for the need of the customer.  Training is VERY important.  We will be providing many different levels of classes. 

Patch: What other businesses have you developed, or are you a new entrepreneur?

Hornsby: For the past 35 years I have started and run 14 different business.  We have produced products around the world and have had sales locations in New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta.  

Mainstreet Guns & Range is located at 405 Killian Hill Road, Lilburn. Reach them at 770-931-0185, or mainstreetfirearms@hotmail.com.


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