Patch Partner Success: Consignment Boutique Embraces Competition

Patch Partners recently highlighted New For You Boutique & Consignment for its positive growth in the Lilburn community.

Patch Partners, a program supporting Patch's small businesses users and advertisers, is featuring Lilburn's New For You Boutique & Consignment in its January newsletter.

The Patch Partners program includes a monthly newsletter with exclusive content aimed at empowering, enlightening and inspiring Patch’s small business advertisers.

Excerpt from the Patch Partners article:

New For You Consignment Boutique opened in 2012 in Lilburn, and in that time, has enjoyed success thanks in part to owner Wendy Carter’s efforts to collaborate with other consignment shops in the area.

Wendy shared her secrets for success with us, discussing the events she’s hosted with other boutiques, what has worked well to attract and retain customers, and why giving back to the community is important to her.

When did you open? How many employees do you have?

I started nine months ago; we’re going into our 10th month in business. I hire help as needed when we are going to busy or during in-store events.

What inspired you to open own business?

I worked in New York for 15 years in ready-to-wear in fashion design and in technical fashion design. In Georgia, I worked mostly in technical design and merchandising, so it had to be a fashion-related business–merchandising, marketing or design. I wanted to work for myself, but not get out of my lane and do something that I know best.

What do you like most about owning your own business? Anything you dislike?

The thing that I like the most is being able to make decisions to drive my business without having to go through several decision makers or meetings. I can make a decision based on what’s good for my business at that moment.

What makes you stand out from competition? What have you found works as far as retaining and attracting customers?

There are boutique and consignment shops popping up all over the place and some that have been around a long time. What makes mine different is that I work with different artisans and indie artists who are creating jewelry and accessories for the store. I know what my customers are looking for, and they can come in and find unique items. To attract customers, we’ve found that direct mail works well. The store also has its own Facebook page, and we’re active on social media. What keeps them coming back is that we have great customer service, over-the-top customer service.

For the complete article, check the Patch Partners website.


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