Restaurant Grades: Know Then Go

Greater Lilburn recent restaurant grades, including three local elementary schools

Below are recent results of recent Gwinnett County restaurant inspections in Greater Lilburn by the East Metro Health District, which covers Gwinnett, Rockdale and Newton counties.

Click on the links below to see the full report, and scroll to the bottom to see the inspector's notes on the violations cited.

1. Camp Creek Elementary School - 958 Cole Drive
Date: 10/31/12
Score: 90/A
Previous Scores: 100/A (5/2/12), 100/A (11/30/11)

Full Report Here

2. Dream Wing III - 490 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite D
Date: 10/31/12
Score: 96/A
Previous Scores: 78/C (10/25/12), 87/B (6/22/12)

Full Report Here

3. G. H. Hopkins Elementary School - 1315 Dickens Road
Date: 10/30/12
Score: 91/A
Previous Scores: 99/A (4/30/12), 100/A (12/12/11)

Full Report Here

4. Knight Elementary School - 401 N. River Drive Southwest
Date: 10/29/12
Score: 100/A
Previous Scores: 100/A (4/18/12), 96/A (12/9/11)

Full Report Here

5. Panda - 4024 Lawrenceville Highway, Suite 16
Date: 10/29/12
Score: 88/B
Previous Scores: 89/B (6/8/12), 81/B (12/29/11)

Full Report Here

6. Tipsy Pig BBQ - 3020 Five Fork Trickum Road
Date: 10/26/12
Score: 81/B
Previous Scores: 95/A (5/24/12), 99/A (12/6/11)

Full Report Here

Paul L. Dragu November 05, 2012 at 11:29 PM
I don't trust a squeaky-clean restaurant. What exactly are you doing that you're not making a mess? If you're busy the kitchen is going to be a mess. If you're not, nobody cares about you're great score because your food sucks. I worked in a busy restaurant for a couple of years and those regulation Nazis always came at lunch time.What people fail to realize in their quest to make sure the State protects them from every possible harm is; if people get sick at a restaurant, people will stop going. If people stop going, said restaurant goes out of business. HENCE, it is in the restaurant's best interest to serve good, safe food. These Inspectors are nothing more than glorified hall monitors who , in my experience, don;t even know that when the lunch food has just been set out, the thermometer hasn't even had enough time to reach "guideline" temperature.


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