Sunday Alcohol Sales On the Ballot for Gwinnett

If passed, Gwinnett residents will no longer have to travel to one of the cities to purchase alcohol by the first Sunday in June.

For a while, you'll still have to go inside a city limits on Sunday to buy packaged alcohol if Gwinnett voters pass the Sunday sales measure Tuesday.

A resolution passed last November by the Gwinnett Board Of Commissioners authorized June 1 as the start date for the new law. So Sunday, June 3, would be the first Sunday that retailers in unincorporated areas would be able to sell packaged alcohol.

State law would allow sales from 12:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m., though stores could set their own hours within that time frame.

Loganville and Grayson as well as many other Gwinnett cities have been allowing sales since November, when municipal elections were held.

Early voting began in February in Gwinnett, and Tuesday is the final day. Passage of the Sunday sales provision is anticipated.

Steve Burns contributed to this story.


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