Georgia Film Tax Incentive creates opportunity

Massage on Location
Massage on Location



Georgia’s Tax Incentive continues to bring FILM & TV productions to the Atlanta area, creating opportunity for jobs in various business industries including massage therapy


(ATLANTA)  July 5, 2013.  In the past year, with help from the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office, more production companies choose Atlanta and metro Atlanta cities as locations for filming their production.   This is due to continued support of the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act which allows film, television and digital entertainment tax credits of up to 30 percent.  


With the continued influx of productions comes more opportunity for individuals and local businesses to provide their services.  Turn 2 Massage began working with the production industry in 2010.   Realizing the future growth of the entertainment industry in the area, Turn 2 Massage pursued the opportunities and now services many of the new productions arriving on location.   These companies regularly request chair massage on set and private mobile massage services for cast members. 


Georgia’s tax incentive program has created a source of income for many people including massage therapists, local business owners who get publicity for filming at their location, off duty police officers who are needed for extra security and individuals hired as extras on a production. 

Highlights from the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act include:

20% across the board, transferable flat tax credit with a minimum of $500,000 spent on qualified production and post production expenditures within Georgia

  • Additional 10% tax credit if a production company includes an imbedded Georgia promotional logo in the qualified feature film, TV series, music video or video game project
  • Provides same tax credits to all instate and out-of-state labor working in Georgia
  • No limits or caps on Georgia spend; no sunset clause
  • For commercials and music videos, a production company may group multiple projects together to meet the $500,000 minimum spend on qualified expenditures


Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist, Michelle DiGaetano, is a member of the Georgia Production Partnership (GPP), a non profit organization consisting of film & TV industry professionals who help raise funds to support Georgia’s tax incentive program and is also a volunteer on their membership committee. 

Visit: http://www.turn2massage.com/On_Set_Massage.html

About Turn 2 Massage

Turn 2 Massage is a leader in the massage industry and Atlanta’s mobile massage service for the television and film industry. Turn 2 Massage excels in the art of massage therapy and brings quality onsite chair massage, therapeutic table massage and mobile spa party services to you. Turn 2 Massage offers corporate massage for relaxation and stress relief at the office, massage on location for Film & TV, in home massage for relaxation and pain relief, and event chair massage services for any occasion.



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