How much harm can one little crematory possibly cause?

Is there really mercury vapor in crematory emissions? YES - from dental amalgam fillings. EPA currently does not regulate these emissions.

What Harm Can One Little Crematory Cause?

►That depends on who you ask – the industry claims none …

►Independent studies indicate otherwise ...
►The homeowner next door will tell you, plenty of health risk and loss of the value & enjoyment of his property

Still, let’s do the numbers:

Crematory Association of North America estimates that the average crematory burns   400 bodies per year
►   Average cremation releases around   3g Mercury Vapors (average based on amalgam fillings in corpse)
►   1 retort annually emits = 1200g mercury vapor (a retort is a crematory furnace)
►EPA recently lowered their official "Annual Acceptable Exposure Level” to 25 g Mercury* – levels over that amount are considered harmful to health.      (*safe levels of mercury exposure have never been established)     …

It is important to note that exposure levels to mercury vapor have a much lower threshold - 10 micrograms per cubic meter of air is enough to require evacuation of a building.

The harm from mercury vapor exposure is real, and the levels of mercury in crematory emissions is not going to decrease - rather, it will increase as cremation rates are rising and more people are dying with dental restorations.

Crematoriums are profitable businesses to own!

Their numbers can only be expected to increase

To meet the demand of a growing market …

Please see my website for more information: www.no2crematory.wordpress.com


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