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Birth Control.... which option is right for you?

A quick guide to women's options for birth control.

 Would you believe that there are almost 400 different birth control options on the market today? Each manufacturer wants you to think theirs is unique, special and is going to do a better job of keeping you from getting pregnant.

Here’s an insider secret, they’re pretty similar. If used correctly, each birth control option provides you with a 99% effectiveness rate based on typical use. In reality there are just a few key factors that help us help you find the right birth control. Do you want a product that uses estrogen, one that’s estrogen free or one that uses no hormones at all? How often do you want to have to deal with your birth control? Are you looking for temporary birth control or something permanent? With that said, here are the basic options available today…


Short Term Birth Control

Oral Contraceptive (OCP) - Your Daily Option. There are 4 basic varieties of “The Pill,” which differ due to the amount of estrogen in each pill. There are mini-pills with no estrogen, low dose pills, high dose, and pills that vary the amount of estrogen throughout the monthly cycle. End result, the higher the dose of estrogen the better cycle control but the risk of side effects increases.

Nuva Ring — Your Monthly Option. The Nuva Ring is a small plastic ring that fits into your vagina. It’s a time-release device that slowly releases a small amount of estrogen and progestin. You wear the device for 23 days and then remove for 7 days.

Injectable Depo Provera —Your 3 Month Option. Depo Provera is a very effective birth-control option that is usually injected into your arm or upper thigh muscle just once every three months. As another benefit, many patients report that after 2-3 doses of Depo Provera they begin to have light to almost absent periods.


Long Term Birth Control

Mirena IUD — Your 5 year, non-estrogen option. Mirena is a hormone-releasing system, placed in your uterus to prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years. It’s made of flexible plastic and contains a progestin hormone. Unlike many birth control pills, Mirena does not contain an estrogen. Mirena is 99.5% effective in preventing pregnancy without the hassle of taking a daily pill.

Paraguard® IUD — Your 10 year, hormone-free option. Paraguard Intrauterine Contraceptive (IUC) is more effective than the Pill and unlike the Pill, ring, and shots it’s hormone-free. It’s currently the best option for women who prefer not to use hormones or cannot due to health reasons. It’s virtually hassle-free, no more daily of weekly routines.


Permanent Birth Control

ESSURE —Your Permanent option. ESSURE is a simple in office solution for the women whose finished with child bearing. ESSURE works by stimulating your body’s own tissue to grow in and around tiny coils that are placed inside your fallopian tubes. The procedure is non hormonal and does not cut through the skin. It is performed at the offices of Clearview Womens Health Care or at Clearview Regional Medical Center.

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