Black Friday 2012: Share Your Photos, Stories

It's that special time of the year -- Black Friday! Will you be among the millions of shoppers?

You've eaten all you can eat. You've slept a little, and now -- it's Black Friday time!


Last year, I was out in this maddness. I was there because my mother is one of those early morning shoppers. She had us at Target, as the lined curled around the store. I was freezing.

We were trying to get a television. But, it never works unless you get there the day before, and are the first 20 to 100 people in line. There's only a few of those doorbusters per store.

-- How's Black Friday for you? Share your photos by clicking the camera icon marked "Upload Photos and Videos," and let us know how things go in the comment section. --

Some people are prone to skipping line, so watch out for them.

I don't even remember how early it was. I don't remember going to sleep, so maybe it was Thursday when we got in line. It's all a blur.

We were up sooooo early, that we were able to get to several other stores for the opening of their doors in the still-dark-outside morning hours. I was able to get some boots for hardly anything.

Guess that was worth it.

Anyhow, if you are going to be out Thursday/Friday for the biggest shopping day of the year, we would love to see your pictures. Or, let us know in the comment section what deals you got.

I promise to upload some of my own.

Happy -- safe -- shopping!


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