Review: Top Stories for August in Lilburn

We've taken a look back this month at the top stories. See what got you commenting, reading, and wondering what else is happening in the neighborhood.

It's been a busy August, and we're taking a quick look back at the top stories.

If you didn't get a change to read them, here's an easy way to do just that. If you remember these particular stories, please take a moment to let us know what you think of the stories, in particular, and our coverage, in general.

-- Make your comments below about our coverage of Lilburn. --

Four of the top ten stories had to deal with crime or safety in the Lilburn area. Two of the stories were related to government work and transportation issues. Two were stories of local businesses -- one new and one old.

In addition, one story kept readers abreast of a local athlete's Olympic competition. Another article didn't have anything to do with Lilburn at all; it was about space -- outer space.

Top 10 August Stories (through Aug. 30):

No. 10:

No. 9:

No. 8:

No. 7:

No. 6:

No. 5:

No. 4:

No. 3:

No. 2:

No. 1 story of the month is:

So, let us know. What would you like to see more of in the coverage on Lilburn-Mountain Park Patch? What did you think of the top ten articles for August?

(Editor's Note: Don't forget you can always reach me via email at Joy.Woodson@patch.com and on Facebook.)


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