Q&A: Bryson Park Athletic Association

Patch checked in with the president of the association to see how preparation are coming.

Just a little while longer, and Bryson Park will be open for sports teams, schools, families and the like to enjoy.

One of those groups is the , which is organizing Bryson Park Titans teams.

Patch checked in with Dev-ray Yarbrough, president of the group. We emailed her questions, and below are her responses.

Q1: What made you, and other parents, want to get so involved with the Bryson Titans?

A: We wanted to make sure that there is a program at the park for the children in the community.

Q2: How did organizing go for the teams? How many children are participating, etc.?

A: Organizing has been a little challenging due to the late start of getting a board for the park. But, with the help of the coaches, parents and others we have been able to sign up approximately 200 children for football and cheerleading.

Q3: Can parents still get their children involved in teams now?

A: Parents can sign their children up for soccer right now and in a couple months lacrosse. We may have cheer for soccer and lacrosse.

Q4: How did you come up with the name?

A: We wanted something different so we decided on Titans.

Q5: How much did the put a snag in you all's plans?

A: GCPR has worked with us in every way possible. They let us use another park for cheer and football practice till the front part of the park was done. Now the kids are practicing at Bryson Park, and we will have our first home game Saturday, [September] 1. The back is still closed off and hopefully will be done in a few weeks.

Q6. What is the overall goal you want youth involved to aspire to?

A: I want the youth to learn responsibility, respect and  honesty. The coaches check with the parents and children to find out how they are doing in school, we stress the importance of doing well in school,  and behaving with their parents and teachers.

Q7. What is the main thing you'd like the Lilburn community to know about the Titans?

A: We are a new park with new programs. We are a work in progress and welcome anyone that would like to contribute their time or ideas to make this park all it can be for the families in the Lilburn community.

For more information on the Bryson Park Titans, click here.


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