Mom's Talk: Guns at Home

When it comes to protecting our families, are guns a safe option?

We are lucky to live in a calm area, one where neighborhoods are quiet and with relatively low crime. As I read the police blotter every week I notice that our crime here in Lilburn usually consists of shoplifting, fraud, and theft. Occasionally there is a home invasion or store being robbed at gunpoint.

Obviously, no person or community is immune to crime. If we become victims of such crimes, how do we protect ourselves? We could wait for the local police department, but I can tell you from personal experience, the response isn’t always fast enough. Should these situations arise we may be better off putting our self-defense in our own hands.  Protecting our selves and families is our duty, but some forms of protection can be a danger as well.

When it comes to protecting our families, are guns a safe option?

We all remember Columbine, where troubled teenagers with easy access to guns caused national headlines after a mass murder. Guns are often involved in headlines, and many of them involve accidents with children. Not only can guns get in the wrong hands, there is also danger when an inexperienced person tries to handle and use a gun, even in the case of self-defense.

On the other hand, when safety precautions are followed carefully, many tragic and deadly accidents can be avoided. There really is no excuse for owning a gun and not knowing proper safety procedures. Many classes are available to keep gun owners and their families’ safe, but no one can guarantee that these safety procedures will be followed.

Are gun safes, locks and proper training enough to keep a family safe from tragic accidents? Would you rather be safe than sorry and not allow guns in your house, or do you allow them in order to protect your family if the need arises?

Richard Ferris September 14, 2011 at 03:12 PM
It is the obligation of the head of each individual family to protect the family as best as can possibly be done. That protection includes medical, dental, financial, and physical. In regards to physical safety, it is the responsibility of this individual to learn the laws surrounding the possession, use and proper storage of a firearm. Finally, the person must be trained and continue to practice the use of this weapon for defensive purposes. Then and only then will he/she be prepared to defend the family. Yes, in the hands of a trained responsible individual a weapon is a useful tool. In the hands of an inexperienced individual trained only by TV shows, he/she will be a danger to themselves and the public. To "...take weapons away from everyone to make everyone safe..." only means that criminals will have guns and only they will be safe. We have an exceptional Police Department. It is unfortunate that they cannot be at every crime before it happens. For the most part they are reactive to crime and arrive after the event. Hence, the obligation of protecting the family falls upon the head of the family and must be done within the limits of the law. Isn't this a great Republic that allows us to do just that!
Alex Casillas September 15, 2011 at 04:34 AM
I haven't decided if I will keep a gun at home to protect my family in the future. But if I do I will make sure to take self-defense and gun safety classes to know the proper safety procedures. The Police in Lilburn do an outstanding job, but you're right, they can't be everywhere in an instant.


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