Rural Housing Funding in Danger

Want more home for your money? Go to rural areas.

I recently have had some clients that were interested in USDA properties. Basically, these are properties that are in rural communities. There are areas not too far from us here in Lilburn that qualify, including parts of Walton and Barrow counties.  

The loans available for these properties are 100 percent financing, with no down payment. There are many people that make a good living and don't have a ton of money saved up.

Buying a home right now is considerably cheaper than renting and homes in these rural communities could use the added boost of easier financing in order to continue to grow.*

What to do:
Regardless of your opinion, contact your congressman/woman and voice your thoughts. It is always good to let our leaders know our opinion so that they can act on our behalf.  

Other tidbits:
When calling on availability of homes, I have found several interesting facts. I have called on homes that have had 20, 27 and 42 offers in the 100,000-150,000 price point. The market is heating up. 

Inside the numbers: (Supply of homes on the market for Lilburn)

Last one year: 3.6 months

Last 6 months: 3.3 months

Last 3 months: 4 months

Featured Home:

Parkview Beauty: A foreclosed home, three-car garage, in a swim and tennis neighborhood.

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*(Editor's Note: Sources includes a National Association of Realtors video blog, and a National Association of Realtors magazine article.)


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