What are you doing for your Social Media Strategy in 2014?

I am sure you have already seen a ton of different people talking about what they have planned for 2014. You may even have some great ideas already with what you are going to do. Have you come up with a plan? Have you started implementing it?

Let me state the obvious for a minute. If you don’t have a path to follow, how will you know how to get to where you are going? Driving, boating, life or just random business goals. You may have a destination in mind, but you need know how to get there, correct?

I am currently doing some healthy related stuff that I have not had a clear path on until very recently, even with that there are parts I am still unclear of. How am I going to reach my goal? I need help and have hired help. This equates to every aspect of your business! How are you going to get to your destination?

Social Media Strategy Goals

Let’s start with a goal for your social media strategy. Is it to get more followers? Is it to garner more engagement from the stuff you post? Is it to drive more traffic to your website? Is it to get more people through the door of your business? Is it to convert those people to sales? Is it to grow into a new social media market that you aren’t in currently? Is it to learn how to run ads for your business? Is it to learn how to run more effective ads for your business?

I am scratching the surface with that list of questions as there are hundreds of different aspects of what you can or should be doing. Quick plug, I am doing a class very soon that will be getting in a little depth with what you can do in 2014, check out the social media 2014 class here.

Set your goal, set multiple goals, set a big goal and chunk it down into smaller goals to achieve. Celebrate all of the goals when you achieve them! Throw a streamer in the air, buy yourself a nice dinner, celebrate with a beer or whatever, just celebrate achieving your goals. This is as important as setting the goal to begin with.

Do we have a goal? Do we know how to implement it? Do we need to take a class? Do we need to hire someone to come in and train us how to do it? Should we buy a book? Should we do all of the above?

Again, this is an important part of the process, putting together how to achieve the goal. If we don’t know how to achieve these goals, then we need to find someone who does. You may know someone that is a friend that is good with this stuff that y’all can sit down and talk about it. Or you may just be ready to step your game up to the next level and are ready to hire someone to help you with your strategy. Either way, get it done!

What are YOU doing for your Social Media Strategy?

Yes, this is super broad and doesn’t really get into any real details. So let me share with you part of my strategy for 2014. I don’t mind sharing it, because it is what I teach in my classes.

My goals are to grow outside of my existing sphere of influence, get into some new cities and states. Focus more on my main area of business, which happens to be SEO and internet marketing strategies. Run ad campaigns daily on each of the social media channels that I have setup for my business.

How will I achieve this? Well the ads will help me gain access into new cities and states that I have not been in front of previously. This will also allow me to grow my speaking engagements and classes to other areas that I am not currently a part of. Most of the ads I will be running will have to do with my main focuses for my business, SEO and internet marketing strategies. But on top of that, you will see me pushing my blog posts a lot more and really sticking with getting content out every week. Also, my content distribution channels have already started growing, which is awesome because I love being able to help more people. Lastly, I am going to finally get off my butt and start doing videos, video blogs and video training. I have drug my feet too long on this and I know it would be helpful to more people if I were doing this. Not everyone wants to sit down and read a blog post, but they might watch a 10 minute podcast.

With all of this, I will be putting anything and everything I post across each of my main social media channels, FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ & Pinterest. Are there more channels  that I could be utilizing? Sure, but these are my main areas of focus, go where the people are kind of thoughts.

So let’s wrap this up, shall we? Make some goals first! Chunk them down into smaller goals. Figure out how to implement your goals or hire someone to help you. Once you have achieved a goal, BIG or small, CELEBRATE! When you hit a goal, share that with me. I love hearing about other people achieving their goals.

I recently had a gentleman come up to me and tell me how much he has been able to grow his online presence since attending a free class I did. How about a 600% increase?  That was from a FREE class! Think about how much more you could grow from a paid one! Lol, yes it is a shameless plug, but I don’t give everything away in the free classes. First FREE class is coming soon! Check out the class schedule here.

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