Last-Minute Father's Day Ideas

Patch Picks: One Dad's suggestions for can't miss gifts that are easy to get and close to home.

It’s the eve of the Father’s Day weekend and you still want to get ‘ol Pops something nice for the big day.

Take it from this Dad, it’s not too late, and you don’t have to sweat it out on what to get.

Here are some last-minute, easy-to-get, gift ideas that are better than a necktie and will be appreciated by nearly every father — well, by many of them, anyway, including (hint) me.

1. Time: No-brainer here. There’s nothing better than making time with Dad. How about a simple picnic and nature walk? is perfect for this. Grill out in , then hit the paved/boardwalked trail, which stretches from Killian Hill Road, through Old Town and on to Rockbridge Road. Much of it goes through wooded — shaded! — areas. (Tip: Make sure there’s enough bug spray and sun screen)

2 . Gift Cards: Not so creative, I know, but it works! Dad will think of it as permission to get whatever he wants at whatever store your choose, as long as it’s not one of those bath stores. (Tip: Many grocery stores carry gift cards for a variety of purchases, so tell him you’re going to  to get some bread and milk and pick one up)

3. Flashlights: What? Yep, for real. Most guys have more flashlights than anyone needs, but there’s always room for another one, especially if it’s cool. I picked up a nice find this week at — a package of six small LED flashlights for less than $8. One of the flashlights is camo-colored. Too cool. (Tip: Don’t buy a flashlight that requires those tiny watch-type batteries)

4. G-Braves, G-Force: Remove the hassle and cost of an Atlanta Braves game, and treat Dad to something closer to home. A Gwinnett Braves game, with tickets starting at $7, is great sports value, and special events are planned for this Sunday’s home game against the Durham Bulls, so the timing is great. Better to be inside? How about a ticket (starting at $12.75) for the Georgia Force’s final Arena Football League game July 9 vs. the Chicago Rush. (Tip: Purchase tickets through the teams’ websites, print out the ticket and stuff it in a Father’s Day card)

5. Beer Time: Not for everyone, I know, but Dads, 95 degrees and beer make a great combination. Get sophisticated at Three Blind Mice with its Sunday beer tasting (6 p.m.-8 p.m.). Or grab a “tackle box” 12-pack of flavors from beers made by Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewery, available at many package stores, like 29 Package on Lawrenceville Highway. (Tip: Don’t forget that you can’t buy beer at the store on Sundays — yet)


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