Will Wireside Chats Prove to Be as Successful as Fireside Chats Were?

The telephone has long since been a tool of elections, but government agencies and candidates have found a whole new way to use it with Wireside Chats.

Former U.S. Rep. John Linder from the 7th Congressional District in Georgia used to call them telephone town hall meetings, but the new name coined, and now catching on, is Wireside Chats. 

According to the Metro Atlanta Transport Referendum proponent website, the success of Franklin Roosevelt’s “Fireside Chats” has prompted the use of the name. It was reported that after using the term and asking citizen’s to buy world maps in anticipation of his “fireside chat” during World War II, 80 percent of the citizenry listened in on what Roosevelt had to say. Proponents of the T-SPLOST, and many other political candidates and governmental organizations, are now using the term “wireside chats” to help mobilize citizens over the wires. The hope is that it will get people engaged without forcing them out of their homes.

So do you think “Wireside chats 2012” will prove to be as successful in today’s political landscape as Roosevelt’s "Fireside chats" were 70 or so years ago?


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