Leaving Out the Other Half

The results of the election has a great silver lining akin to the man who found a treasure while stranded on an island.



Days after the election a very popular radio talk show host made the point that Conservatives need to stop blaming themselves for the recent election loss. The problem is bigger than what we did or didn’t do. The problem, he said, is the way voters now think. Minds have been changed, or developed, contrary to most things conservative and the eggs have now hatched in the form of Democratic voters (some would argue they now want their mother hen to take care of them).

What Mr. Big Talk Radio Show Host forgot to mention is that it’s not only the liberal mind which has been changed or hijacked and developed, but also the conservative mind.

Simply put, Conservatism, which is almost always associated with the Republican party, refers to a philosophy based on the tradition of freedom (see M. Stanton Evans’ book, The Theme is Freedom, for a good explanation of the concept). Certain dictionaries define Conservatism as opposed to change and innovation (how some people have a job in the publishing field amazes me). I suppose that could be true, but only in the sense that it is opposed to change that would cause it to cease being Conservatism. Communism would stop being Communism if it allowed private land ownership for the proletariat. Liberalism would cease being Liberalism if it should no longer stand for the civil rights of everyone except those who have conservative views. Likewise, a turkey hotdog would cease to be a turkey hotdog should turkey no longer exist in the dog. The moral of the story is every idea is opposed to change if we want to adopt the verbiage of Dictionary.com (Dictionary.com clearly screwed up when interviewing that guy).

If Conservatism is about freedom, as it’s supposed to be, how is it that we Conservatives stand by, and sometimes even contribute, as we keep losing more of it every year, despite the fact that we had a Conservative in office for 8 years and the Congress to back him up? And tell me, which part of FREEdom is the part about having our legislative laws shaped, not by the will and the need of constituents, but by special interests groups  and Corporations with stacks of pull who care only about fattening their wallets and enlarging their egos? And what’s so free about having our phones tapped and our social media accounts available to those who are technically our employees? What’s free about being in debt up to our eyeballs (Newsflash: we were in debt before Barack Obama)? Where does freedom play its role when kids have to get a business license to sell lemonade in their parents’ front yard so they can go to Rock Eagle and catch frogs and make fires? What’s free about forbidding pastors to speak about who they’ll vote for while letting other “subsidized” nonprofits like unions go way beyond endorsing their guy?  What were “Conservative” senators and representatives thinking when they voted for a bill which allows unlimited and unwarranted arrest and detention of American citizens?

The possible death of the GOP is a good thing because those of us who though the "safe" choice was another establishement stooge (boy were they wrong!) instead of a guy who really stands for the document this country’s Founding Fathers created, might have no other choice if, indeed, true freedom is the aim. The shift to freedom should’ve happened decades ago, but everyone got a little sidetracked, what with all the quality reality television programming and so many timeless trinkets to buy everywhere one turns. But I suppose better late than never.

One of the many things I love about the United States, which I believe separates us from many other civilized regions in the world, is that sometimes we are just plain stubborn, or hard-headed, as we say here in the good ‘ol South. Our stubbornness, when mixed with a perfect dab of suspicion, makes a great recipe for creating and resisting particular legislative actions. Andrew Jackson, the only President whose period in office is most notably dubbed as the only time the U.S. checkbook was completely balanced said,” But you must remember, my fellow citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing… It is from within, among yourselves-from greed, from corruption, from disappointed ambition and inordinate thirst for power-that factions will be formed and liberty endangered. It is against such designs, whatever disguise the actors may assume, that you may have especially to guard against.” Herbert Hoover, the 31st President also said,” Our greatest danger is not from invasion from foreign armies; our dangers are that we may commit suicide from within by compliance with evil.”

So here we have two past Presidents who, along with history, reinforce the notion that if we don’t get off our asses and be proactive, we’re bound to lose our freedom. That’s the default state of a society. That means that when those who speak for us no longer observe and respect the tenets of Freedom- no matter how red they claim to be- then they no longer represent us. When we are no longer represented, it's time to start making sure we are represented.

So, goodbye GOP. Good Riddance. And thanks for only telling half the story, Rush.

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