Car Toilet-Papered, Set on Fire

Inside the Police Reports: A car was torched on Burns Road.

A car was toilet-papered and set on fire last week. 

The vehicle, described as a white, four-door 2006 Suzi-Aro, belongs to a resident in the apartment complex on the 4800 block of Burns Road, according to arson investigators with the Gwinnett County Fire Department.

The victim reported to officers that during the overnight hours of July 26 and July 27, suspect(s) toilet papered the car and then lit the paper on fire.

The incident caused minor cosmetic damage to the hood and other parts of the vehicle. 

The case is still currently active and under investigation. Suspect(s) could face charges of third-degree arson and criminal trespassing, but no suspects have been established at this time. No motive has been established, either. 

Spokesman Capt. Tommy Rutledge with the Gwinnett Fire Department has informed that anyone with information on the incident should contact arson investigators at 678-518-4890. 


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