Christian Singer's Home Church on Rockbridge Road Robbed, Vandalized

Christian music recording artist Jamie-Grace asks for prayers on her Facebook fan page for Kingdom City Church.

Update: Video of church members cleaning up and an interview with Kingdom City Church Pastor

Kingdom City Church at 5419 Rockbridge Rd. was vandalized and robbed this week, and the pastor's daughter -- Christian music artist Jamie-Grace, whose hit song "Hold Me" is often played on radio stations such as The Fish Atlanta - appealed to the nearly 45,000 fans on her Facebook page to pray.

Here is Jamie-Grace's Facebook post Wednesday about the incident:

"Beautiful friends... please pray. My church (where my daddy is the pastor) was robbed and vandalized. So many things were taken and destroyed; the wiring and plumbing: cut, stolen so the few things the people left behind were completely ruined by flooding. Appliances, clothes for the homeless, kid's supplies and more things were taken. It's SO hard not being home right now but I know in some way God is going to use this. Please pray that the people who did this will fess up yeah but will somehow find God in this AND that we'll soon have a place to worship I don't think they can meet there Sunday... http://kingdomcity.org"

Kingdom City Church is led by James and Mona Harper, bishop and pastor, respectively. They have another daughter, Morgan. According to the church's web site, James Harper, originally from Los Angeles, accepted the calling to the ministry in 1993 and moved the family from the west coast to Georgia, where he started Living Bread Baptist Church, which became Kingdom City Church.


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