Inside Police Reports: Don't Point That Thing!

Martinis and shotguns ... probably not a good idea for an evening out - or at home.

At almost midnight on July 6, Lilburn Police were dispatched to a home regarding an "unknown trouble call." Arriving at the home, officers were met by the woman of the house who said that she and her husband had been arguing.

What started the argument? While he was making a martini, the top had flown off of the martini shaker and hit her in the face. Before the man knew it had hit her, he had laughed, which had upset her.

Though he tried to apologize and explain, she became more upset and started striking him so he began to look for his keys to leave. In the process of looking through her purse, she discovered that her pistol was missing and asked him "where it was."

She then went into her bedroom and got a shotgun. She pointed it at her husband, who grabbed the end and pointed away, then took it from her. She slapped him, found HER keys, took one of the dogs and went to her car to call the police.

The husband took the weapon and locked it in the truck.

The officer reported that she admitted to having a couple of martinis and her speech was slurred. When asked why she got the gun, she stated that "she felt threatened" though she couldn't tell the officer WHY she felt threatened. She admitted that her husband had made no threats or attempts to harm her.

The husband said "this [was] not the first time this had occurred," but it was the first time the police had been called. 

No battery charges were forthcoming, but the woman was placed under arrest for pointing a gun at another. 

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Inside Police Reports runs regularly every week. The information is based solely on police incident reports provided on request.


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