Inside Police Reports: Drunk and Disorderly for $21

Gwinnett Police arrested a man for public intoxication after he demanded his money back for beer he didn't drink.

responded to a public intoxication call that was made by both the owner of a Lilburn-area pool hall and the man who was arrested for the disturbance.

According to the police incident report, an officer responded to a cell phone call around 1:55 a.m. on June 17 from a man who told the dispatcher that “he wanted his $21 back.”

The man didn’t give his name or location, but the call was traced to a cell-phone tower in the 800 block of Burns Walk Court in Lilburn.

Seven minutes later, the owner of at 880 Indian Trail-Lilburn Road called police to report there was a man causing problems outside the business. It was the same man who made the first call.

The owner told police that a man who seemed obviously drunk entered the business and ordered a “bucket of beer” for $21. After drinking one beer, the man approached one of the pool tables and started picking up pool balls and dropping them back on the table, repeatedly saying, “Let’s play 9-Ball.”

A security guard intervened and when the man was asked to leave he was offered a rain check for the beer he didn’t drink. But he demanded the $21.

He was removed from the business, and according to the owner, the drunken man continued to be disruptive outside, preventing people from entering and threatening to fight the security guard.

When the officer talked to the man, the man began yelling, “Don’t hang up the phone. Please don’t hang up the phone.” He then dropped the phone, saying “Don’t hang up.” The officer found that the man was still on the phone with the police call-taker.

The man was placed under arrest for public intoxication. On the way to jail, he cursed and threatened the officer.

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