Inside Police Reports: She Didn't Find Mr. Right

Nigerian scammer using dating service finds his way to Lilburn.

On June 7, Lilburn Poice responded to a home at the request of a woman who claimed she had received a threatening e-mail from a gentleman she had met through match.com.

She met the gentleman through the dating service a year go; he claimed to be a 41 year old Britsh man living in Charlotte NC.The woman said he had begun asking for monetary assistance after just a few months. She sent money up until December, after which there was no contact.

Until March when she was contacted again asking for additional money. The man admitted to scamming her previously but now he was "trying to go legit" and needed funds to do so ... but began making threats.

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Concerned about the threats, she agreed to send money one last time, on May 22, and then changed her phone numbers to unlisted and deleted the e-mail account through which she corresponded with the man. 

On June 6, however, he found her again and threatened to come to her work and her home. Threats were made against her, close associates and her children. The Lilburn woman did not expect to get her money back, but was scared for their safety.

According to the police report, he used the aliases of Brandon Calvert and Abolade Smith of Nigeria.

The woman was advised not to make further contact with the individual.

Inside Police Reports runs regularly every week. The information is based solely on police incident reports provided on request.


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