Inside the Police Reports: Armed Robbery at Murphy USA

Police responded to a report of a robbery at the gas station on Oct. 31, Halloween night.

Lilburn Police recently released a report of an armed robbery at the Murphy USA gas station located at 3950 Lawrenceville Highway.

The report indicates the robbery happened about 11 p.m., on Halloween evening. No customers were present at the time of the robbery, but two station employees were.

The clerk told police that two men entered the store, one wearing a black hooded sweatshirt who purchased one Black & Mild cigar with cash. The other man, wearing a black sweater, also then approached the counter.

"The suspect reached into his pocket and pulled out a black and silver revolver," as stated in the police report. "The suspect told the clerk, 'You know what this. Open the register and give me all the money and open the safe, too.'"

The store clerk could not open the safe, however. But, they did get away with approximately $80 from the register, according to the report.

After viewing surveillance video, police were able to determine that at least one man exited the store and left toward the nearby Walmart. That suspect was wearing a a black jacket, white T-shirt, jeans and a hat, according to the video.

While on the scene, officers spoke to a security guard at Walmart who said he saw one man wearing a black cap run across the parking lot toward the store. He later described a suspect with the same clothing as one see in the surveillance video.

The investigator noted that there were discrepancies between the store clerk's account of the incident, video surveillance and other witness testimony (the Walmart security guard). For example, the report notes that a total of three men were possibly involved, not solely the two persons mentioned by the clerk.

Although police attempted to retain security video from the ATM at the Murphy gas station, an employee told officers that none of the Flagstar Bank ATMs have security cameras.

Police are continuing to investigate the reported armed robbery.


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