Inside the Police Reports: Candy Lane is Sweet Spot for Burglar

Two homes are burglarized on the same street on the same day.

It seems that a group of burglars may have hit up at least two homes on the same day on the same street -- Candy Lane in Lilburn.

On Oct. 3, one of the victims contacted police after arriving home about 4:15 p.m. According to police report, a light was on that should not have been, an unknown powdery substance was on the stairs and fire extinguisher sitting in a place it shouldn't have been.

After seeing those suspicious circumstances, she left the home and awaited police officers outside.

When police arrived, they found disheveled bedrooms with open drawers, mattresses pushed off beds and covers removed. But, several pieces of electronics were still there, including a laptop on the floor, the report stated.

It was later discovered that a a Bulova watch and a diamond necklace had been taken, according to the report. Officers determined that the culprits pried open a window on the back of the house.

Nearby, in the same block, a resident flagged down police as they were leaving the first home. His home also had been apparently burglarized.

A flat screen television, $220 in cash, a Samsung tablet, a cell phone and a mini megaphone were determined to be missing, police reported.

All the cabinets in the kitchen also were open, and in all the bedrooms all the beds had been disturbed and the dressers drawers open and gone through.

Police discovered that the entry point was a basement window that had been pried open and the lock broken.

The two cases are under investigation.


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