Inside the Police Reports: Feeding Stray Cats Leads to Robbery

An evening ride to feed stray cats goes south for one local woman.

At approximately 10:21 on Dec. 28, officers responded to the Oyster Barn, located in the 400 block of Beaver Ruin Road in Lilburn.

When officers arrived, a female victim told them she was in the back parking lot of the Oyster Barn getting ready to feed stray cats when the robbery happened.

According to the Lilburn Police Department report, the victim was putting out cat food adjacent to her vehicle when a male subject approached her from behind.

The suspect then grabbed the woman and spun her around. When the victim screamed, the suspect said, 'Don't scream again, or I'll hurt you," according to the report.

The suspect demanded all the money in the woman's purse, along with her cell phone and car keys. However, the suspect did not leave in the woman's car; he left on foot in the direction of the nearby Wells Fargo.

The woman was not injured during the robbery.

The man is described as a approximately 45 years old, 6 feet tall, and about 200 pounds. According to the victim, the suspect also wore black rain coat with the hood pulled over his head.

The suspect also was described as having no facial hair.

Officers looked around the area for the man, but did not locate him. 


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