Inside the Police Reports: Gun Pointed at Mom, Children

On Lawrenceville Highway, a mother and two children come face to face with what appeared to be an AK-47.

On Nov. 28, a woman and two children had quite a scary ride on Lawrenceville Highway when a case of road rage caused a man to pull a gun out and aim for the trio.

Lilburn Police were dispatched to the scene about 6:40 p.m., and met the victims at a Waffle House in the 3900 block of Lawrenceville Highway.

The victim said that she was headed westbound on Lawrenceville Highway, between Ronald Regan Parkway and Pleasant Hill Road, when the driver of a white Impala on her right became impatient, abruptly switched lanes, and cut her off.

The victim told police that she honked her horn at the vehicle, and that the suspect then slammed on his brakes to force her to hit his car. The victim honked her horn again.

That's when the suspect switched lanes again to get beside the victim. According to the police report, the victim noticed the driver reach under his seat and pull something out.

That something, according to the victim, looked to be an AK-47 assault rifle. The suspect pointed the weapon at her, the police report states. 

The victim told the children in the car to get down. She pulled out her cell phone, and called the 911.

Once the driver of the other vehicle saw the telephone call, the victim said he turned right on Pleasant Hill Road toward Intestate 85. The victim then pulled into the Waffle House to await officers. 

Thanks to quick thinking, the victim was able to get the license plate of the Impala. And, as of the report, police were still investigating the case.


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