Inside the Police Reports: 'Kill' Etched in Cement Outside Lilburn Woman's Home

The victim did not know how long the ominous words had been there.

On Jan. 23, police were dispatched to a home, located in the 200 block of King David Drive in Lilburn.

When police arrived, the homeowner stated that she found the word "kill" scraped in the cement in her carport near the door of her home.

The word was approximately one inch by three inches, and the homeowner stated that she had just noticed it.

However, the homeowner told police that she believes the writing is not new, but she was unsure of when it was done.

According to the Lilburn Police Department report, the dispatched officer believed the writing "had been there a while due to the coloring being consistent to the surrounding area."

There were no fresh scrape marks apparent, the report stated.

Police planned to assign an officer to patrol the woman's neighborhood.


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