Man Charged in Home Invasion, Robbery -- at His Own House

A second suspect also was arrested in the incident.

Police arrested two men recently in connection to a Lilburn home invasion that took place at the house of one of the suspects.

Gwinnett County jail records indicate that 20-year-old Kyle Scott Burke and Matthew Willoughby, 26, were charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery.

Willoughby, who lives in Clarkston, also was arrested on a burglary charge, and Burke actually lives at the residence where the robbery took place.

The Lilburn Police Department report states that the incident occurred around 10:15 p.m. on a recent Sunday off the 400 block of Lilburn School Road. One of the homeowners called authorities to report that four armed men came in, beat him multiple times and robbed him of $1,500. They left in his grandparents' Mercury Sable.

The homeowner's girlfriend also lives at the residence and was home during the incident. She told officers that she was sleeping in their room when they kicked open the bedroom door, and she saw her boyfriend being beaten with their guns. She alleged that the suspects took off her shirt and made her lay face down on the floor while a man put a gun against her head and threatened to kill her if she moved.

The homeowner's sister also lives at the home with her boyfriend, Burke, one of the suspects in the robbing crew, and their daughter. The sister and her daughter were with a family member in Decatur during the incident, according to the report.

Burke and Willoughby were subsequently arrested and booked at the Gwinnett County Detention Center, where they still remained April 22. They are both being held without bond, as a result of the armed robbery charge.

During the investigation, police also observed many red flags that deteremined the home was not suitable for the child to be living there.

Investigators found a child's bed with no sheets on it, and it was being used for storing items such as a TV. Expired and moldy food was found in several rooms, and old trash bags were found throughout the home. Only a small number of children's clothing was located, and they were dirty and wadded up on the floor. The home also had drug paraphernalia and several drug items.

The Department of Family and Child Services was contacted, but the report does not detail if the child was removed from the home.

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Deedee Williams April 26, 2013 at 11:23 AM
How can u rob ur own house, KYLE SCOTT is a good guy....he has always worked and took care of his wife amd daughter.
Terrie R April 26, 2013 at 11:41 AM
Homeowners Sister's boyfriend makes it not his house. He just lives there with the sister. He is not the homeowner. Have no idea if he is guilty or not and have no opinion on that, but since it technically is not his house you cannot say he was robbing his own house. Also, article says they are boyfriend & girlfriend. Not married. How do you let you child stay in a home that is as described above? Drug paraphernalia?!


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