Machete-Wielding Man Awaits Trial

Police have charged James Frix in the January incident involving a machete outside a Publix parking lot.

Following a search by police, Lawrenceville resident James Thomas Frix eventually was located and charged in a Jan. 28 machete attack in Lilburn.

The incident happened in the around 11:50 a.m. At the time, police believe that Frix, in his late 70s, walked in front of the victim's car and said: "Are you blind? Are you trying to kill me?"

According to a police report, the suspect then got back into his own van, began driving erratically in the parking lot, and stopped behind the victim's car. The victim got out of his car and attempted to calm the man down, but then the suspect pulled a large machete out of his vehicle.

Police then believe that Frix used the machete as a weapon, chasing the victim around the van for at least one lap. The victim was not hit, and after an audience gathered in the Publix parking lot, the suspect fled.

A tag number led police to Frix's Cruse Road home in Lawrenceville.

And, on Feb. 10, Gwinnett County Police Department officers arrived at his home to serve a warrant for one count of aggravated assault. Frix was outside at his mailbox when police arrived, according to a report.

Currently, Frix is out of jail on a $5,700 bond and is awaiting trial.

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