Report: McDaniel Gets Conditional Bond in Giddings Murder Case

Stephen McDaniel was granted an $850,000 bond with conditions, 11Alive reported.

Stephen McDaniel, the man from Lilburn accused of murdering fellow law student Lauren Giddings in Macon, was may get out of jail on bond to stay with his parents in Lilburn, 11Alive reported.

Bibb County Superior Court Judge Philip Brown granted McDaniel an $850,000 bond on the condition that McDaniel's lawyers prove their client isn't likely to flee and isn't a threat to others, according to the report.

McDaniel last year was charged with murdering and dismembering Giddings. He also faces charges of 30 counts of child endangerment for alledged possession of child pornography.

Brown set out five conditions, including that McDaniel must wear an ankle monitor at all times and stay at his parents' house except for court and lawyer appointments. He's not allowed to be alone with minors, can't use or own any computers, cell phones or other electronic devices for communication except to communicate with his parents or lawyers, the report said.

McDaniel was indicted in November in the slaying of Giddings, his next-door neighbor in an apartment complex in Macon.


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