Thieves Jump Pizza Delivery Man at InTown Suites

A Dominos employee told police the incident took place while he was trying to figure out which hotel he needed to deliver to in Lilburn.

A pizza delivery man from a Dominos in Snellville reported being robbed on his first day of work when he mixed up order locations.

According to the Gwinnett County police report, the 19-year-old employee from Lawrenceville reported for duty March 6 at the pizza chain along Centerville Highway.

He was supposed to deliver two sandwiches and cheese bread to someone staying at the InTown Suites located at 4350 Stone Mountain Highway in Lilburn around 10 p.m. Because he didn't know the area well, he told police, he accidentally went to the other InTown Suites at 4142 Stone Mountain Highway.

He knocked on the door of the correct room number at the wrong hotel, and when there was no answer, he used the phone in the room next door to call his manager. His boss told him he was at the wrong place, so he walked to the hotel next door, Gwinnett Inn, to see if that's where he needed to be.

While walking to the new hotel, he noticed a black pickup truck parked with three occupants in the parking lot. It "felt like they were watching him," according to the report.

When he realized that hotel wasn't his destination, either, he walked back to the Intown Suites and the truck followed him through the parking lot, staying 30 feet behind.

He went to the same room to call his manager again, who told him he was still wrong, so he walked out and noticed the truck was parked closer to him.

As he was walking to his car, two masked men got out of the vehicle and approached him. One of the suspects held up a knife and told him to walk around the side of the building. They demanded his money, but when he showed them his pockets to prove that he didn't have any, they took the delivery food instead, worth $22.33. The suspects got back in their car and left.

The victim went back a third time to the same room at the InTown Suites and told his manager what happened. He drove back to the store to meet with police.

The suspect with the knife was 5'4", had an average build, and wore a hooded sweatshirt, dark jeans and a black cloth ski mask. The victim believes he had a Hispanic accent.

The second suspect was 6'4" and extremely skinny, "like he was on meth," the victim said. He also was wearing a black mask and a white short-sleeve T-shirt Although the suspect didn't speak, the victim believes he was Hispanic, too, based on his skin tone.

The victim wasn't able to describe the third suspect because he or she stayed in the driver's seat the whole time.

As for the truck, it was a black two-door pickup, and the windows may have been tinted. Officers went to the Intown Suites but did not see any vehicles matching the description given by the victim.

Inside the Police Reports runs regularly every week. The information is based solely on police incident reports provided on request. It does not indicate a conviction.


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