Victims to Be Charged in Drug Deal Incident

Inside the Police Reports: Two victims who were hit by a van during a drug deal are awaiting pending indictments for violating the Georgia Controlled Substances Act.

The victims in a January drug-deal-gone-wrong incident at a CVS Pharmacy are now pending indictments for violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, according to Lilburn Police Department spokesman Ben Haynes. 

Lona Williams, 46, of Tucker, and Eric Phillips, 52, of Marietta, are awaiting indictments from the district attorney's office for the possession and selling of VGCSA drugs in .

Lilburn PD has also charged them in the investigation.

Willams had been completely run over by the vehicle and taken to Gwinnett Medical Center, where it was determined that she had a crushed liver, severe bleeding (both internal and external) and head injuries, according to the report.

Williams was eventually released from the hospital. Phillips suffered only minor injuries to his left leg. 

According to the police report, Williams was at the CVS in Lilburn on Lawrenceville Highway to meet with Dillon Patterson, a 17-year-old Lilburn resident, to sell him the drug oxycodone. Williams had requested Phillips to meet her there because she wanted to give him some money. 

Phillips and Williams approached Patterson's minivan to handle the transaction. Phillip Webb, 18, of Snellville, and Patterson's girlfriend, were also in the van. 

At one point after the pills were exchanged, a "fidgety" Webb began to drive off while Williams and Phillips were still half inside the passenger side window, causing them both to be dragged and injured. 

Patterson and Webb have been charged with aggravated assault and possession and purchase of narcotics for violating the Georgia Controlled Substances Act.

The two were also charged with robbery, but Haynes said he believes the DA's office has dropped the robbery charges. 

Patterson and Webb are now pending trial. 


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