Why Neighborhood Watches Are Important

In an article by Judy Mowrey, SafetySmart Lilburn discusses how neighborhood watches can be helpful.

This is a success story, though no burglary was prevented or neighbor saved from being taken in a scam.

Our neighborhood watch has been reactivated, and it has made a big difference in how the people in our small subdivision look out for each other. Recently one of the neighbors contracted to have some work done on the outside of their home. The homeowners were at work when the repairs were being done.

Three different neighbors saw the truck and/or the workers on the property and contacted the homeowner to make sure the people were supposed to be there.  The homeowners expressed their appreciation in an email to the watch members saying this was “neighborhood watch at its best.”  They also said they could not say enough about their neighborhood and residents. 

Neighbors being aware of neighbors helps keep everyone safer. Living in an area with an active watch promotes caring, communication, involvement and a sense of security for everyone in the subdivision. Neighborhood watch also serves as extra sets of eyes and ears for local law enforcement, helping to reduce crime in the area.

If your neighborhood needs to begin or reactivate a watch program, SafetySmart Lilburn is ready to help you get started. An informational meeting for starting new neighborhood watches will be held 7 p.m. - 8 p.m., Sept. 19, at Garner Creek Clubhouse. For more details or to register, contact info.sslinc@yahoo.com.     


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