Big League Dreams Agreement Extended, Plans Still Need Work

At a special called meeting Thursday, the Lilburn City Council voted to extend the franchise agreement another year.

From the city of Lilburn:

Big League Dreams is still on the table, but the timeframe for developing the mega sports complex has been extended another year. At a special called meeting on Thursday, the Lilburn City Council extended a franchise agreement with Big League Dreams as planning continues for a future baseball park.

Big League Dreams would feature four fields that are replicas of major league baseball stadiums, drawing tournaments, tourists, and ultimately more economic activity to Lilburn.

"Big League Dreams could be an economic game-changer for Lilburn," City Manager Bill Johnsa said. “We look forward to continuing progress on this project as all the details are solidified.”

The Lilburn Downtown Development Authority recently purchased the abandoned Jackson Creek Water Treatment Facility, 37 acres at the intersection of Indian Trail Road and Lawrenceville Highway. The DDA plans to sell the property to a private developer, who is negotiating with Big League Dreams to build the complex.

More information about BLD: www.bigleaguedreams.com

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Rethinknow November 16, 2012 at 02:27 PM
To all of the Lilburn tax payers... is this what you thought you’d get when you elected these folks? Come on folks. You don’t find it odd that a Special Called council meeting took place in the middle of the day yesterday afternoon? Do you think the mayor and council did not know there was a deadline coming? Do you think the mayor or city manager got on the phone sometime yesterday and in a panic called councilman Price and said... “put down the spark plug wrench and come quick”? Did the city manager call Dr. Batterton and say, “drop the novocaine seryange tell your patient , sit tight I gota go vote”? Did councilman Wight have to rush out of court to make a quorum? How about councilman Dunn? Did he get an emergency text saying, “come quick we forgot we had to do this today”? Taxpayers of Lilburn do you think holding this Special Called meeting in the middle of the day without the opportunity for public input is the right way to do things? I’ll ask again, AND YOU NEED TO ASK ALSO... How much did this extension cost? Did the public have an opportunity to be aware of this? Do you not see similarities between 76 Main and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? How many years are we going to go on and on with this single issue obsession? Does anyone really believe the taxpayer is not obligated if this caves?
Tiimothy Dunn November 16, 2012 at 03:45 PM
The extension of an existing contract cost nothing. The called meeting was duly advertised in advance, as are all council meetings. It was not called on the day of ... and was at 0730, so all members could attend. This has been in public conversation for over two years. This meeting changed nothing that the public has not weighed in on. There is no public money obligated.
Rethinknow November 16, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Thank you councilman Dunn. Help us out here and tell us where these are "advertised". I looked on the city website and calendar and can only find the "press" announcement from yesterday, There is nothing on the calendar for November 15th. I would respectfully disagree with the "There is no public money obligated." The 1.3 plus various other costs came or will come from public money should things not go the direction we "hope".
angel alonso November 17, 2012 at 02:20 PM
hate to say ,yes the public didn't have anything to weigh on ,bacause the public don't have a voice in LIlburn,that while the some of the council give it to there freinds of many years ,THE DDA,the city 's new real astate co.,this way the VOTES and TAX payer don't get to say anything,an as to ( no public money) any money the city or the DDA use's is the Resident's of Lilburn 's money,i didn't see checks from each of the three council man and Mayor write personal check for this?Nore did the Nash's on the DDA?.....but it is right want Thomas Wright,councilman, said about money,and the DDA,......See open records from city council meeting,,,
Tiimothy Dunn November 20, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Sorry I didn't check back on this earlier. Here's a reference to the legal requirements regarding called meetings [meetings other than the 2nd Monday night of a month]. http://1.usa.gov/S93GfP In addition to the legal requirements of posting notice to the Gwinnett Daily Post and posting notice at City Hall, we also sent notice to the AJC, Patch, and tv media [one tv media rep attended, so we know they got it]. In the future we will get these on the website and electronic reader board [in addition to the "legal" requirements.] You are correct regarding the 1.3 million to purchase the property. If the private investor and BLD fail to agree, we still will have the property. It is a key property certainly worth the purchase price. When BLD and the private investor do contract, the 1.3 million is repaid to us. All development costs will be born by the private investor. You still may have questions. My email is tdunnlilburn@gmail.com ... and my name is Timothy Dunn


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