Lilburn Adds Alcohol Referendum

Unanimous vote brings Sunday alcohol sales to the Nov. 8 ballot.

Lilburn voters will vote on allowing Sunday alcohol sales in November’s election.

The Lilburn City Council was unanimous by a 4-0 vote in its decision Monday night to add the referendum to the Nov. 8 ballot, when voters will decide whether or not they want retail alcohol sales on Sundays within the city limits. They also will vote in elections for mayor and two council seats the same day.

The decision was not a Council endorsement of the issue, but rather one that will let the voters decide.

“The people get to choose,” Mayor Diana Preston said. “Why would you deny people the right to choose?  If they don’t want it, people can come out and say I don’t want it. …

“I do think we’ll have a lot of people come out to vote on it, and probably vote yes because they’re tired of being at the grocery store on Sunday and not being able to buy for the following week. It’s not just [about] impulse buying.”

The referendum motion was made by councilman Eddie Price, based on the recommendation of the Lilburn Downtown Development Authority, which voted in favor of the measure at its April meeting,

The decision came on the heels of Gov. Nathan Deal’s recent signing of Senate Bill 10, which allows communities to vote on the issue.

How do you feel about Sunday alcohol sales? Take our online poll by clicking here.

RL May 10, 2011 at 01:28 PM
I agree with Mayor Preston - let the people choose. With that said, why won't Mayor Preston let the people speak regarding: spending millions on another city hall, growing the City of Lilburn bureaucracy (despite adding very little population the past decade) and their lust to incorporate residential areas that want to remain un-incorporated.


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