Lilburn City Council Meeting Notes

The council authorized Mayor Crist to enter into an agreement to extend the city's license fee agreement with Big League Dreams if an extension is offered by the sports complex operator.

Lilburn Mayor Johnny Crist opened Monday night's city council meeting by announcing that it was a historic evening -- the first time the council has gone paperless.

Crist and councilmen Tim Dunn and Thomas Wight were using laptops to go through what's normally stacks of paper -- copies of proposed policies or ordinances and other business matters.

Here's what else happened at the council meeting:

  • Police Chief Bruce Hedley commended Hugh Sturgeon and Rene Lepf for their help in stopping a robbery in progress at a Lilburn shop. Patch will have a separate story later Tuesday.
  • The council:

- approved, with a 4-0 vote, the appointment by Crist of Kathy Rice to the Planning Commission and the appointment by Wight of Patrick Carr to the Board of Adjustments.

- approved with a vote of 4-0 the use of the city park for the Lilburn Girl Scout Day Camp June 4 - June 8.

- approved with a vote of 4-0 an alcoholic beverage license application by El Tropical Caribbean Grill.

- accepted with a vote of 4-0 a 2011 Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant for $9,390 for the police department that Chief Hedley had applied for and won. Rifles and intelligence software will be among the things purchased with the grant, necessary moves for Lilburn's police "to protect themselves and intelligence to make their job more efficient," Hedley said in the working session.

- approved with a vote of 3, with one abstention (Wight), the City of Lilburn Safety Policies and Procedures Manual - 2012. Wight said before the vote that he found the manual in "some places overlaps and in some places conflicts with what we have" already.

- authorized, with a vote of 4-0, the mayor to sign an extension to an agreement with Big League Dreams if the operator of sports complexes consents to extend its license fee arrangement with the city.

- Tabled with a 4-0 vote a special events policy that would regulate the use of the city park for special events.

- approved with a 4-0 vote to authorize the police department to install two electronic radar speed signs at locations determined by the police department.

- approved with a vote of 4-0 three stop signs for Joy Lane.

- approved a moratorium of 180 days on issuing licenses for pain management clinics. With this move, the council is aiming to keep pill mills out of the city. The vote was 3 for and 1 abstention (Wight).


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angel alonso February 14, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Thank You ,to Councilman Wright,for the votes the he did on the Lilburn safety Policies and procedures Manual 2012 ,another mess ,overlaps and conflicts?WOW and the other #3 still pushing the Big League Nightmare in the residents of Lilburns Face,Let the people have a say in this....Let them Vote on it,,,,Support Wright ,It's one man vs. 3 ,We need the problems fixed in Lilburn....
angel alonso February 14, 2012 at 01:56 PM
Also and to our Police Chief Bruce Hedley for all he and his great staff is doing for the residents of Lilburn,A true police chief......Change is good......He teaches his officers that not to get a 2x4 on your shoulder just because they have a badge and a gun,but to service and protect.........


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