New Georgia Laws in Effect Starting Today

From immigration to child booster seats, there are several new state laws on the books starting today.

A number of new state laws signed by Gov. Nathan Deal are now in effect across Georgia, from changes in child booster seat laws to the highly controversial Sunday alcohol sales and immigration laws.

Here are some of the new laws:

HB 87 - . Penalizes those who use fake identification to get a job in the state of Georgia. Also penalizes government officials who violate state laws on immigration enforcement. 

HB 101 - Bicycles; safety; change provisions. Makes it safer for bicycle riders and drivers on roads by requiring drivers to pass cyclists by at least three feet, among other things.

HB 179 - State highway system; permits for legally erected signs; change provisions. Allows owners of billboards on state highways to clear trees and other vegetation that may be blocking drivers' views of the signs.

HB 200 - Crimes and offenses; discourage human trafficking; increase penalties; provisions. Discourages human trafficking for labor or sexual servitude, increase fines and times of sentences to those convicted of human trafficking. Provides training to law enforcement officers investigating human trafficking crimes and repeal conflicting laws concerning this issue.

HB 266 - Carrying weapons; constables; authorize. Allows constables to carry weapons under certain circumstances.

HB 500 - Employment Readiness Program for Georgia's unemployed; establish. Establishes an Employment Readiness Program for Georgia's .

SB 10 - . This law allows counties and municipalities to vote on if they will allow retailers to sell alcohol on Sundays between 12:30pm and 11:30pm.

SB 88 -  Raises the age requirements for children riding in booster seats from six to eight.

To see more bills signed into law by Gov. Deal this year, see the Georgia General Assembly's website.

This story originated at Lawrenceville Patch.


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