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Representative Woodall Holds Town Hall in Lilburn

Representative Rob Woodall held a Gwinnett town hall meeting at Calvin Fitchett Municipal Complex in Lilburn Saturday Morning.

U.S. Representative Rob Woodall, who represents Lilburn in Georgia’s Seventh District, answered questions from the general public. Although he is not up for re-election next week, Woodall is making sure to reach the general public.

A brief introduction and a question and answer session was held for an hour in Lilburn. Citizens voiced their concerns on the economy, personal, local, and international issues. It got a bit hostile and personal at times from detractors in the hour-long town hall meeting.

Woodall addressed concerns about the “Super Committee” in Congress. One man believed that the Super Committee was bringing on the “destruction of America.”

When asked about sending money to countries like Afghanistan and other countries that “hate the U.S.,” as one constituent put it, Woodall addressed the energy side of the equation. Woodall said he supported drilling here and sending money to countries like Afghanistan if we get benefits in return.

Woodall also confirmed that congressmen receive $50,000 a year for life after 20 years service. Woodall said that every federal worker has the same plan to be paid a certain percentage of the salary yearly after retirement. 

Woodall was questioned for the remaining time of the hour about a number of local, federal and international issues.

Woodall will hold his next town hall will be Monday, November 7, starting at 7 p.m. at the Auburn Elementary Cafeteria in Auburn, Georgia.


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