Suspected 'Pill Mill' Technically Open, City Inquiring About Business Status

The city of Lilburn plans to send a letter to the owners of Premier Medical Management in reference to the business license status.

Credit: Joy L. Woodson, Lilburn-Mountain Park Patch editor
Credit: Joy L. Woodson, Lilburn-Mountain Park Patch editor
(Editor's Note: This article was originally published January 29, 2013.)

On Tuesday, the lights are off, blinds closed and door locked at a Lilburn business suspected of being an illegal pain management clinic.

But, patients still drove in from states such as Kentucky and Ohio seeking treatment. One man said he had an appointment Tuesday.

Lilburn officials say that technically Premier Medical Management, Inc., is still an operating business in the city despite the arrests of four people accused of running a "pill mill" there.

City Manager Bill Johnsa said that the clinic previously applied for a business license within Lilburn as a medical clinic, not as a pain management clinic.

Today, Jan. 29, Johnsa said that the city is sending a notice to the owners regarding the current status of the business.

Essentially, the city will be asking if the clinic is indeed operating as a pain management clinic, or as a general medical office. The operators have three days from receipt of the letter to respond, Johnsa said.

Based on the response, the city will then take the "appropriate action" within its powers. If determined to be a pain management clinic, local officials have the right to revoke the permit if the business does not meet requirements outlined in the city's ordinances.

Johnsa said the city "fully intends to enforce the city ordinance as far as pain management clinics."

-- Read more about the city's ordinance on pain management clinics. --

If a decision is made to revoke the permit, then the business owners may appeal to the city's Alcohol Review Board, and then to city council, Johnsa said.

These city actions are separate from the federal case against the clinic, and the four defendants recently indicted and arrested on illegal drug and distribution charges.

A hearing has been set for those defendants -- Larry Webman, Randy Webman, Zara Webman and Dr. George Williams -- for Jan. 30.


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